Writer   H.H.Nahm Date   2015-11-18  ( Count: 4424 )
Title   Newsletter of Autumn 2015 issued by Barun IP & Law
The newsletter contains the following topics of interest.

▶ Recent Amendment to Patent Act
1. Available to claim presumption of novelty even after patent filing (Article 30(3) of Patent Act)
2. Possible to file a Divisional application even after a decision of patent grant (Article 52(1)3 of Patent Act)
3. Refund of fees for requesting examination before actual examination)

▶ VIAGRA’s three-dimensional mark in the form of a tablet is recognized as having sufficient room to have acquired distinctive on the basis of use, but it does not constitute an act of infringement upon trademark right or an act of unfair competition (Supreme Court Case No. 2013da84568 rendered on October 15, 2015)

▶ The more well-known a mark is the broader the scope of protection goes, and as such the POLEX and the ROLEX marks are similar to each other (Patent Court Case No. 2014heo7776 rendered on May 8, 2015)

Lead Partner Ho-Hyun Nahm won the 2015 Korea Invention Education Writing Award )

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