Writer   H.H.Nahm Date   2015-11-10  ( Count: 4019 )
Title   Our New Patent Attorney - Young-Rak Lee
A new patent attorney Mr. Young-Rak Lee specializing in Trademarks•Designs
•IP Litigation has newly joined Barun IP & Law. He begins his career with Barun IP & Law in November 2015.
Barun IP & Law ensures that it will strive to coordinate efforts to provide the best legal and patent services to you and your client by procuring professional staff of ability all year round.

Patent Attorney Young-Rak Lee

- Bachelor's degree in public administration from Youngnam Univeresity
- Master's degree in public administration from Yonsei University
- Master's degree in law from Kyushu University in Japan
- Deputy Director in the Ministry of the Interior from 1981 through 1998
- Examiner, Professor, and Litigation Team Leader with Korean Intellectual Property
Office from 1998 through 2006
- Admitted to the National Patent Bar in 2003

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